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Dr. med. Oliver Seemann

Magneticstimulation (rTMS)


During Corona crisis, rTMS is an intriguing therapy which strengthens in a naturally, physically way your immune system, e.g. via:

  • reduction of Cortisole (stress hormone) in the blood
  • reduction of proinflammatoric Cytokines (Interleukin 6, Interleukin 1 beta, Interleukin 17 A) and thus modulation of inflammations, fever, pain
  • diminishing autoimmune reactions in the central nervous system by inhibition of astrocyte proliferation, and reduction of IL-6 in hippocampus
  • even Low Intensity rTMS is efficient

rTMS helps excellently and often immediately against anxiety and sleep disturbances,

  • because of diminishing the hyperarousal in certain brain structures (Amygdala)
  • and thus protecting your immune system by nondistribution of stress hormones


Modern high-tech medicine trusts in the natural treatment with magnetic waves.

Let the natural and healthy power of magnetic waves act on your nervous system, your mind and emotions.

Why repetitive transcranial

magnetic stimulation (rTMS)?

By very well-tolerated, physiological and thus the body’s own, natural magnetic waves, the brain and its nerve cells are set in vibration and thereby dynamized, harmonized and synchronized.

For over 17 years, we have helped numerous people to a happier life. With approximately 17.000 sessions, we are likely to have the most experience worldwide and developed particularly effective stimulation procedures. We are most eager to help any patient, even those who have ben given up by other doctors.

The rTMS has been included in the S-3 Guidelines since 2015, so all private and state aid agencies are required to cover the costs of pharmacoresistant severe depression in our practice.

All those who are interested in the further development of rTMS will find on these pages the current research results, assigned to the respective therapeutic area, and in me an open contact for questions around the topic of rTMS.


Biography of Dr. med. Oliver Seemann

Dr. Seemann started his studies 1988 in Heidelberg and absolved one year in Barcelona within the Erasmus- scholarship and returned to Germany where he finished in 1993 at the elite university LMU Munich.

With his dissertation in the field of hormone research he graduated magna cum laude.

After experiences in neurology and neurosurgery  he was mainly interested in humanistic topics. Therefore he studied philosophy at the LMU Munich (e.g. at Prof. Dieter Heinrich) in order to deal with the theories of self-affirmation, subjectivity and self-confidence.

After this, the relation between medicine and human sciences were of interest to him, what led him to pass further education measures as psychiatrist and psychotherapist at “Königlich Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik LMU München”. He is approved at the Bavarian Medical Council since 2001 as Consultant in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.

Since 2002 he researches the effects of magnetic stimulation (rTMS) on psychiatric and neurological disorders and as a method to boost wellness and spiritual intelligence for healthy people.

He is pioneer and “First mover” in german outpatient treatment with rTMS. Since 2002 he experienced the method in an individual manner dedicated to each patient, so he is probably the most experienced physician worldwide using rTMS.

On March 5th, 2002 he began treatment of a Alzheimer´s patient with his own rTMS stimulation protocol. For the first time worldwide it was a successful treatment, improving vigilance and communication resources.

It is his vision to customise rTMS for as many people as possible to make them happy and to give them back their natural power by nature itself – in medical terms to give resonance to a self organised system.

Through his research he developed a magnetic stimulator in form of a mobile applicator GLAD-X®.

Implicit research topic are: Boosting Work Place Health and Productivity with mobile magnetic field applicators; Driver Alert Assistance; Meditation


International Institute of Organisational Psychological Medicine (>>> IIOPM)



The center of rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) activity is located in Wolfratshausen near Munich, Germany. The ambulatory is directed and managed by Doctor Oliver Seemann, Consultant in Psychiatry. You can reach Dr. Seemann by using the subway-line S7 from Munich. Parking facilities are to be found directly near the practice and in the surroundings.

Dr. Seemann is consulting and supervising clinics and practices for using rTMS, e.g.::