Dr. med. Oliver Seemann

Dr. Seemann started his studies 1988 in Heidelberg and absolved one year in Barcelona within the Erasmus- scholarship and returned to Germany where he finished in 1993 at the elite university LMU Munich.

With his dissertation in the field of hormone research he graduated magna cum laude.

After experiences in neurology and neurosurgery  he was mainly interested in humanistic topics. Therefore he studied philosophy at the LMU Munich (e.g. at Prof. Dieter Heinrich) in order to deal with the theories of self-affirmation, subjectivity and self-confidence.

After this, the relation between medicine and human sciences were of interest to him, what led him to pass further education measures as psychiatrist and psychotherapist at ‚Koeniglich Psychiatrische Universitaetsklinik LMU Muenchen’. He is approved at the Bavarian Medical Council since 2001 as Consultant in Psychiatry.

Since 202 he researches the effects of magnetic stimulation (rTMS) on psychiatric and neurological disorders and as a method for wellness and lifestyle for healthy people.

He is pioneer and "First mover" in german poutpatient treatment with rTMS. Since 2002 he experienced the method in an individual manner dedicated to each patient, so he is probably the most experienced physician worldwide using rTMS.

On March 5th, 2002 he began treatment of a Alzheimer´s patient with his own rTMS stimulation protocol. For the first time worldwide it was a successful treatment, improving vigilance and communication ressources. 

It is his vision to customize rTMS for as many people as possible to make them happy and to give them back their natural power by nature itself - in medical terms to give a resonace to a self organized system.

Through his research he developed the hitherto only mobile applicator which can be used to support school medicine treatment of many diseases >>> GLAD-X®: mobile home device

>>> rTMS in outpatient treatment


Dr. med. Oliver Seemann - Biography
Dr. med. Oliver Seemann - Biography