Mobile magnetic stimulation: GLAD-X®

Portable Hi-tech magnetic stimulation - made in Germany

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A decade of scientific research:

Since more than 15 years, we are searching to improve happiness and gladness. We optimized positive effects of magnetic waves on human emotional status and intellectual capabilities. Magnetic fields proved to have the potential of gladness acceleration. Of course to be glad can have many and individual facings.

By results of space technologies and our own research, we developed a highly efficent, safe and mobile, portable magnetic stimulator in form of a headband. The high-end device is with accumulator and easy to handle. Arrangement of the magnetic field and stimulation protocols are unique.

The applied frequencies are "physiologic", i.e. they are naturally used itself by the human brain. 


Therefore, besides medical supportive treatment we use the stimulator for wellness and lifestyle:


Define and control your mind yourself !









Medical Supportive Application: 

ADHD - Aggression - Anxiety - Loss of energy - Autism - Bulimia - Burn-out - Compulsion - Dementia - Depression - Electrosmog protection - Headache - Migraine - Multiple Sclerosis - Parkinson´s - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder - Psychosis (negative symtomatic) - Sleeping disorders - Stroke - Stress - Tinnitus - Weather reactions - Weather sensitivity - etc.


Scientific study over 3 years:

>>> Results (.pdf)


Wellness and Beauty Application:


gladness, happiness, deeper meditation, relaxed mobility


tranquility, peace, sleep, power napping


anti-aging, cell protection, mental freshness, emotional vibes


cognitive power, concentration, attention, speed learning, weight reduction


physical stimulus and power, weight reduction


better vibes, can reduce wrinkles of the forehead - Face Rejuvenation (optionally in combination with blood stem cell injection)



The different models for addults:

Easy Blue (fresh blue, ca. 200g)

Easy Grey (stylish antracite, ca. 200g)

models also available for kids





What is the price? 

The headband applicator can be purchased worldwide:

for german and EU citizens 2490.-€ 

all others: 2092.-€

  • plus cost for transportation/german custom handling: EU countries 29,90.-€, all others 89,90.-€
  • (plus custom taxes in your country)



and for more information or personal consultation feel free to contact me, Dr. med. Oliver Seemann >>> or check with our Shop >>>


07.10.2017. Prices include german taxes.

By means of law, the above mentioned product ist no "medical product", because the magnetic field of the waves is weak in comparison to the strong magnetic fields used in normal rTMS, with a strenght of about 1 Tesla. The magnetic field strength of GLAD-X® stimulator is but with 200 mikroTesla still 6 times stronger than the earth magnetic field and 20 billion times stronger than the magnetic field of the human brain. It might be that some scientific researcher call this application as "alternative medicine", because they think, that in nature only very strong magnetic fields are vital. Having such sceptical view, I do recommend the rTMS treatment in my medical practice >>> Therapy

Home Care Device of rTMS
Home Care Device of rTMS